We are here to make it easy for you to share moments. There was a time where neighbors talked over fences and at the feed store. We still do that, but in between those times, we can use the information highway and big data. Maybe, here in Alton, Missouri, we can refer to it as “small” data.

Our mission here at AltonMo.com is to make everyone’s life a little easier by opening access to a small website focused on a small town in the Ozarks with small-town ideals lived out by those who are by no means small in a petty sense, but pursue simpler pleasures. The contours of which are hewn from a hard work ethic.

We want to inform and assist your life pursuits by opening a forum where local information is at your fingertips. Need to know something here in the town of Alton or the larger Oregon county area? Check us out. AltonMo.com.

Have some news you’d like to share with your neighbors? Submit news here.

More to come. Oh yeah, by the way, thanks for stopping by.