The Eleven Point River is part of the National Wild and Scenic River system near Alton, in Oregon County Missouri. This river, added in 1968, is the eighth river to be added to the National Wild and Scenic River system. The Eleven Point river travels through the beautiful Ozark hills of southern Missouri making it a great way to see the sights Missouri has to offer.


Currently, there are eleven ways to access the river by vehicle. Out of these eleven, only seven have working boat ramps and free toilets. The remaining four sites do not include a boat ramp or restrooms. Although lacking in those areas, they are optimum for those who want to be undisturbed. It seems that the lack of ramp and toilets discourages many people from visiting. Besides these eleven access sites, there are also eight designated float camps along the Eleven point that is to be used for overnight camping by any river traveler.


The Eleven Point National Scenic River, established in early 1968. Forty-four miles of scenic, spring water, with the little-developed shoreline. Fed by springs located in Dolomite bluffs and Greer, the Eleven Point river stays clear most of the year. When it rains, in the spring months, the Eleven Point tends to rise rapidly, collecting dirt and leaves from the shoreline. This rapid rising makes the river muddy but still floatable. The Eleven Point River is accessible to everyone. One can use motorized and unmotorized boats along the Eleven Point. Although motorized boats must remain under the twenty-five horse power limit.