Drone Buyers Beware- DJI Education Closing

A drone in the air

A drone in the air

After more than ten years in operation, DJI is closing its education division for good. DJI Education is an integrated solution for artificial intelligence and innovation education. This does include the core elements of robotics. DJI  announced that the Tello drone, programmable RoboMaster robots, and both its education platform and education solutions would all stop selling at the end of the year.

While DJI has confirmed that it’s shuttering its education division, it has not announced why. DJI is merely saying it will put out other types of drones that may loosely fill the space currently occupied by the Tello.


DJI is facing one of the biggest threats to its market dominance ever in the form of the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In this defense act is a ban on Chinese drones. This new legislation enacts a complete federal ban on drones on federal lands. This means even over parks. With the new ban, DJI may lose a significant portion of the commercial drone market in the U.S.


Right now, online retailers do have DJI drones in stock for purchase. This could be all that they sell. If you are considering a drone in the future, you may want to purchase one now while you can.

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