First Class Stamp Prices To Skyrocket In July

Missouri bicentennial stamps

Missouri bicentennial stamps

Are you one of those people who like to send and receive mail? Do you mail Christmas cards or birthday cards? You may want to stock up on stamps now before July comes. The cost for a first-class stamp will surge from the current 68 cents to 73 cents [1]! For those mathematicians, that is five extra cents per envelope sent.

Current Price

If you send a regular letter in the mail, it now costs 68 cents. In January of this year, the stamp cost 66 cents. The idea is to purchase forever stamps, which were introduced in 2007 as a way to ease price increases.

New Price

The new price to mail a letter will be 73 cents! Metered one-ounce mail also will rise a nickel to 69 cents. And a postcard, which is an item tourists send, will cost 56.

dollar bill, money
dollar bill, money

USPS Response

While the price increases are supposed to help the post office become profitable, the frequent price hikes hurt mail volume. More people find a way to pay electronically. While some non-profit groups advocate for rejecting this price increase and for continued scrutiny of the USPS’s workings, this idea has not been accepted yet.


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