Alton Senior Center Meals And Activities For February Of 2023

Alton Senior Center sign.

Alton Senior Center sign.

The Alton, Missouri, Senior Center has once again put out their meals and activities for the center for February of 2023. This month brings lots of new activities and delicious tasting food.


On February 8th, a chicken salad sandwich, chips, broccoli/cauliflower salad, and cooks choice will be served. On the 13th, potato soup, grilled ham and cheese sandwich, bananas, and apple cinnamon rolls will be served. On February 16th, fried fish, brown beans, cornbread, coleslaw, and jell-o will be dished out. Chicken Alfredo, Italian blend, roll, and king cake will be served on the 21st. To close out the month on the 28th, chicken hobo pack, ambrosia salad, biscuit, and chocolate pie will be served.

Alton Senior Center's meals and activities for February of 2023.
Alton Senior Center’s meals and activities for February of 2023.


On the 7th, there will be a prize drawing at 11:30 am. The next day will be wear your shirt inside out day. On the 14th, Valentine’s Day, the king and queen announcement will be given, a gift exchange will happen, and much more. On February 16th, Missouri Department of Conservation will come and talk at 10:00 am. On the 23rd at 1:00 pm, a lost loved ones grief support will meet. On February 24th, MU Roam in Rome will happen.

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