Christian Singer Mandisa Dies At The Age Of 47


Mandisa, a Christian singer and songwriter of “Overcomer”, died at her home in Tennessee on April 18, 2024, at the age of 47.

Early Life

Mandisa was born in California on October 2, 1976. [1] Although she went by Mandisa, her full name was Mandisa Lynn Hundley.


One of her more famous songs is “Overcomer.” In 2013, she won a Grammy in the best contemporary Christian music album category for that song. In 2011, she won a Grammy for “What If We Were Real.” In 2009, she won a Grammy for “Freedom,” and in 2007 for “True Beauty.” [2]

Other Singers’ Comments

Other Christian singers and announcers have made several comments about Mandisa. Matthew West said that he was “incredibly saddened to hear about the loss.” [3] David Pierce, K-Love’s chief media officer, said, “Her kindness was epic, her smile electric, her voice massive, but it was no match for the size of her heart.” [4] Danny Gokey said that he was “devastated to hear about the sudden loss of Mandisa.” [5]

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