Most Firearm And Some Archery Deer Seasons Are Past- How’d We Do?

Deer standing in field.

Deer standing in field.

Missouri completed its firearm deer season. It also completed the youth seasons, and it’s partway into the archery season. With only an antlerless season, archery season, and alternative methods season remaining, numbers are coming in for demographics. Oregon County did pretty well.


Archery began the deer season on September 15, 2023. Following that were youth hunts and special CWD county hunts. Firearm season just ended.


So far, a total of 285.216 deer have been harvested in Missouri. Among that number, 120,046 were does. Franklin County took the most deer (so far) with 6619. Oregon County was not too far behind, with 4128 deer harvested. Howell County, next to us, harvested 5649 deer.

In November, the number of deer Oregon County harvested was 2646. That is a good number despite the weather. So far, 555 deer were harvested in Oregon County during the archery season. Another 345 were harvested in the special CWD season. Not to be left out, the youth harvested a total of 179 deer during their portion.

MDC has a clickable map here to check numbers daily or to look at numbers in other counties. One can also go to the telecheck page to get more specific numbers per season and county.

Thank you, hunters, for diminishing the herd, so fewer will run on the road before us!




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