Views From Jeremy Gundel Who Is Running For Governor

General election candidates.

General election candidates.

Jeremy Gundel is a Republican running for Missouri governor. He returned one of the polls sent out. We are giving you his answers to pertinent questions affecting Missouri citizens.

Are you aware that many schoolchildren cannot read or write cursive? What would you do to solve this problem?

I have read articles that the younger generation is not as use to reading cursive as prior generations were. I think we should teach cursive writing in schools like in prior generations and also parents could help teach their children cursive writing style, if they are spare time to.

Do you believe that self-defense is a right? Why? Should there be any limitations?

Self-defense is a natural right for humanity and will always be supported by me as Governor. I don’t believe there should be any limitations on protecting yourself, or family.

In light of the Bill of Rights, how do you propose supporting our enumerated freedoms and rights?

I’d like to get rid of excessive taxation in Missouri that has robbed Missouri workers of take home pay they could spend on their families and improve their lives. I will also pledge to not violate Missourians freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights and only sign Constitutional laws, or they will be vetoed by me.

As illegal persons come to Missouri, do you see their presence as a help or a hindrance? What will they do to our economy?

I see a negative and positive aspect to the issue of illegal immigration to Missouri. Missourians pay lots of tax dollars and don’t want it spent on people here illegally and I promise to not spend tax payer dollars on illegal immigration here as Governor and will veto any bill that possibly did that. The positive aspect could be they could come to Missouri and enjoy our culture and become great citizen’s of Missouri and build a family here. My ancestors originally came from Germany in the 1890s, so I’m supportive of legal immigration to Missouri.

What is the biggest problem facing Missourians/Americans?

I think the biggest problem facing Missourians and Americans is inflation of the United States Dollar. Our dollars buy less, while prices keep going higher. We really should consider going back to the gold standard for the dollar and abolishing the Federal Reserve.

The traditional family consists of a father, mother, and children. Is this type of family good for our culture?

I support the traditional family unit of a father, mother and children as the best way of raising a family in Missouri. I grew up in a traditional family of God first and family second in life.

What do you see as the most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects in the state?

I think keeping our roads in good shape and bridges safe is the most pressing infrastructure need in Missouri. I would like to also review railway infrastructure safety, because of the past Ohio derailment that polluted water and air there.

How would you protect Oregon County from big government interference? Tax manipulation?

I will oppose any state laws, or Federal ones pushed that interfere with Oregon Counties ability for self-governance as Governor, or attempted tax manipulation.

What laws would you like to see passed or repealed in your term?

I would like to see passed in the legislature a bill to end property taxes on vehicles and farms. I would like to see a sound money bill passed that didn’t the last session because of Republican Senate leadership stalling. I would like to repeal the gasoline tax that was passed in 2022. Only laws I will support as Governor are ones that follow the
Missouri Constitution, if not I will veto them. I’d also like to reduce the Governor’s salary to 50k yearly.

What is your greatest accomplishment that you want voters to know about?

My greatest accomplishment is supporting my family as a younger man and wanting to serve the state of Missouri as Governor in 2024.

Can you give a short bio on why you chose to run for office?

I grew up in McDonald County on my grandpa’s dairy farm and grew up helping on it as a teenger and still do today. I was home schooled through most of my time in education as a youth. I attended Crowder College in Cassville for two years to try to better my education. My first campaign in Missouri politics was in 2020, when I ran as a write in candidate for Lt. Governor. Then I attempted to run for State Representative of the 158 district in 2022, against Scott Cupps as a write in candidate. I chose to run for Governor of Missouri, because I didn’t trust other candidates running as Republicans for Governor to keep their promises to voters and knew I would follow through with limited government and less taxation in Missouri.

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