Can Texas Defend Itself? Governors Say Yes!

A hammer gavel

A hammer gavel

In response to the Biden Administration’s border policies, numerous state governors have united to support Texas’ efforts to secure its southern border. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has received public support from governors in 27 states. A widespread apprehension over Biden’s handling of the border crisis can be seen in this solidarity.


Securing our borders is the job of DHS (Department of Homeland Security), which is part of the executive branch, the President. Although he is Not securing our border and has been reprimanded to follow the law and do so, he allows many illegals to come into our country.

Back And Forth

Texas is overrun by illegal people coming to America with no job lined up, no home, nothing. Texas has asked the federal government to close the illegal border crossings. For being ignored, Texas is protecting itself. It put barbed wire along the southern border to dissuade trespassers. Nonetheless, the Biden administration fought this in court and won. The judge ruled for the federal government, saying that border patrol agents have the right to patrol the border safely. They cannot do that with barbed wire. Texas needs to tear down the wire, which prevents illegals from entering.

Texas Stance

Texas still has barbed wire along its southern border. While Governor Abbott is not happy with the decision, he said,

This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state’s sovereignty [1].


The rest of the country is watching this story enfold. How can a state protect itself when the federal government is not doing its allocated job? Twenty-seven governors -including Governor Parson- are siding with Governor Abbott and in support of his efforts to secure the border. They argue that, under Article 4, Section 4, and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3, states have the right to defend themselves, especially when the federal government fails to uphold its responsibilities.

Texas is setting precedents in defending itself when the federal government refuses to do so, even under court orders. And while 2024 is an election year, national security and immigration are growing concerns in U.S. politics at this moment.


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