New Speaker Of The House Is Representative Mike Johnson From Louisiana

On October 25, 2023, Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson was elected as the new Speaker of the House. Throughout his speech, Johnson quoted both the Scripture, the Declaration of Independence, and previous presidents, among other things.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson, a citizen from Louisiana, was first elected as United States representative in 2016. Before being elected, he was an attorney as well as serving in the Louisiana Legislature from 2015 to 2017. [1]

Beacon of Freedom

Early on in his speech, Mike Johnson said that America is a beacon of freedom to the world.

But a strong America is good for the entire world… We are the beacon of freedom and we must preserve this grand experiment in self-governance, it still is. We’re only 247 years into this grand experiment and we don’t know how long it wil last. But we do know… the Founders told us to take good care of it. [2]

God Raises Powers

In his speech as Speaker of the House, Johnson showed his Christian faith by quoting Scripture that all those in authority were placed there by God.

I believe that Scripture, the Bible, is very clear that God is the one that raises up those in authority.

Message to World

Nearing the end of his speech, Johnson stated that adversity makes us stronger:

a message to the rest of the world. They’ve been watching this drama play out for a few weeks, we’ve learned a lot of lessons, but you know what, through adversity, it makes you stronger.

He continued to say that the people’s house is back and ready to work: “And we want our allies around the world to know that this body of lawmakers is reporting again to our duty stations. Let the enemies of freedom around the world hear us loud and clear: the people’s house is back in business.”

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