Voting In DC By Representative Jason Smith

Capitol building, Washington DC

Capitol building, Washington DC

Recently, Representative Jason Smith has been casting his votes for freedoms and penalties for illegal aliens [1]. He also cast his ballot in the Mayorkas impeachment process. Here are the results.

Mayorkas Impeachment

Mayorkas is the man in charge of protecting our national border. He is the one who is allowing so many illegal persons in to enter our country. There are no health checks or work orders for these persons. America is being overrun in many cities, and he is not doing anything other than taking American taxpayers’ money in the form of a paycheck. The House finally voted to impeach him. However, the vote failed. Representative Smith did vote in favor of impeaching him.

H.R. 7024

This restores and extends three expired provisions of the Trump tax cuts from 2017, supports small businesses by promoting investments and cutting red tape, and provides tax relief for communities affected by disasters. Representative Smith voted yes, and it passed.

H.R. 6976

This is aimed at protecting our communities from DUI’s. It makes it easier for law enforcement to keep dangerous illegal aliens out of local communities. This passed, and Representative Smith voted yes.

H.R. 6678

This ensures that criminal aliens can face inadmissibility and deportation for identity theft and Social Security fraud. It passed and Re[resentative Smith did vote in favor of it.

H.R. 6679

This ensures that any alien who participated or assisted in the October 7, 2023, Hamas attacks against Israel is not eligible for any immigration relief, including asylum. Representative Smith voted yes, and this passed.

H.R. 5585

This ensures that those who flee Border Patrol or law enforcement assisting Border Patrol, resulting in a high-speed chase, will face criminal penalties. It passed, and Representative Smith voted yes.

While the Senate majority is liberal-minded, the House is passing resolutions trying to protect American citizens. Their votes let us know how to vote in the November elections.



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