Missouri Legislators To Consider Allowing Doctor Assisted Suicide

Hospital room

Hospital room

According to a bill that was pre-filed in the Missouri House of Representatives, medically assisted suicide would be permitted for terminally ill patients. As a sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Ian Mackey, D-Clayton, pointed out that it gives Missourians the freedom to choose the medical care that is right for them and their family. He is from the St. Louis area.

Reason For The Bill

A woman from the St. Louis area who traveled to Denver with family members inspired the ‘Marilyn Teitelbaum Death with Dignity’ Act. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, was the cause of her suffering, and she wanted to end her life. Missouri would not allow it, so she felt she had to travel to Colorado. You can read the bill here. Representative Mackey believes that medical care includes killing oneself.

Cons For This Bill

Just as in the arguments against abortion, the Missouri Right to Life stands against stopping life. Missouri Right To Life, a group often in the news promoting pro-life measures, opposes medically assisted suicide, even when the patient involved is terminally ill. Doctors have been expected to swear to the Hippocratic oath, which states that he will not prescribe a lethal drug to anyone. According to the Missouri Right to Life website,

Every human being is unique and possessed of inherent dignity, regardless of age or condition. [1]

Is this something Missourians want in our state: the ability to kill ourselves because we feel worthless? You can let Representative Atchison know by going here and emailing him.

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