Is It Groundhog Day Or Flip A Coin Day?

A groundhog looking aroundEditorial

A groundhog looking around

As winter drags on, we often wonder how much longer until spring. Oftentimes, we look to a furry critter to forecast the weather: a groundhog. Since 1887, we have looked to this rodent to tell us what to expect- warmer or colder temperatures. While most of the time, we detest the groundhog as it eats our gardens and tears up the land, on February 2, we sit to watch this rodent; it is halfway between the beginning of winter and the beginning of spring. People flock to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, for this one-day event. And they are not disappointed. Whether he sees his shadow or not, the attendees celebrate. The country now knows how much more winter we have to expect.

But that could change. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants to change the direction of our weather from a groundhog’s perspective to a flipping of a coin.

PETA’S Complaint

PETA claims that Groundhog Phil does not like captivity [1]. They go on to assert that groundhogs do not like cameras. They want to replace a live groundhog with a coin, a tree, or a robot. What is the fun of that? And why is this organization butting in with history?


PETA also complains that Phil’s forecasts regarding weather are inaccurate. However, so are weathermen’s forecasts. No one can be perfect all of the time.

Pros For Phil

Phil looks happy. How can PETA tell if Phil is unhappy? He does not bite his handlers. He gets fed regularly and is not chased by predators.

More Pros

Many locals and tourists head to Gobbler’s Knob to watch this famous groundhog. With it comes festivities and merrymaking. Technically, the entire country waits for Groundhog Phil’s forecast.  As the Groundhog Club website says, this is

a day to take everything a little less seriously, and break up the winter monotony [2].

So get out on February 2. Try to see your shadow, like Phil. Then tune in to see his forecast.


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