Looking For Eclipse Projects For April?

Blood Moon Eclipse.Community

Blood Moon Eclipse.

The Great American Eclipse is almost upon us. Families and visitors want to make the most of this date as it will be the last eclipse for a long time. How can you do this? Here are some quick and simple ideas to get you started.

Track Weather

NOAA is looking for individuals in the eclipse path to track the weather. This is available for families or individuals ages six and up. You can learn more here.


How good are your filming skills? Eclipse Megamovie is looking for people (college age and up) to film during the eclipse. You can learn more here.


How is your hearing? Want to track sounds during the eclipse? They can use your help at Eclipse Soundscape.  A lot of possibilities here.


What about the clouds? Scientists want to compare the last eclipse with the one in April with everyday life. Can you record the clouds? If you are interested, you can go here to learn more. This is open to all people over the age of five.


Still not enough? You can go to the SciStarter site and see what they are offering and what help they are looking for. That site is here.

Whatever you decide, make the most of your eclipse experience with family and friends.

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