Interested In The Upcoming Eclipses? Your Input Is Wanted!

A solar eclipse at its totality.

A solar eclipse at its totality.

Alton, Mo. – Missouri is preparing for the two upcoming eclipses. To take advantage of these events, an eclipse committee is being formed. Parents, grandparents, children, business owners, homemakers, homeschoolers of all ages, and farmers are invited to give their input and attend committee meetings to promote these dates.

Two Eclipses

Alton will experience two eclipses. A solar eclipse will be Saturday, October 14, 2023. The exciting total solar eclipse will happen Monday, April 8, 2024.


Exciting ideas are going around in the chamber of commerce meetings. Eclipse’ hot spots’, menu items, and eclipse glasses are among the ideas. Having an eclipse booth at the Walnut Festival will help advertise the events. Promoting the eclipse themes through the next year, like using it for Halloween and the Christmas parade will add new dimensions to the Alton festivities. What can the community do to draw children? Schoolage youth? Teens? Parents, Singles? Elderly? How can we get everyone involved? What can we do to promote businesses?


Many communities in the line of the eclipses are planning a theme. The theme can then be used for parades or other community events. Themes tossed around include ‘comet’ ideas or ‘homecoming’ ideas. The chamber welcomes all ideas!

Community Involvement

The chamber wants to get the community involved and excited about the upcoming eclipses. Ideas from all ages and walks of life are needed to do this. To contact the Chamber of Commerce to join the eclipse committee or even to give your opinions, you can message them on the Facebook page or email them at

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