New Competition In Next Year’s Walnut Festival: Photo Contest



Alton, Mo. – The Walnut Festival was a lot of fun. If you go to other fall festivals, you may notice they usually have competitions. These can be for young children. But they are not always for children. Taking a suggestion and looking for community interests to encourage togetherness, is looking into a photo contest in next year’s Walnut Festival!

What Is Involved

While the planning is in the works, is planning a photo contest. Any amateur photographer can enter; there are no age limits. The entry will need to be printed. A panel of judges and attendees at the festival will judge the entries. There will Not be a cost to enter.

Why Announce Now?

You may be wondering why we are announcing this now. The fall colors are so beautiful are brilliant at this time of year; one may be able to capture the colors from a camera. While the Walnut Festival usually comes before leaves change color, you can photograph them now for next year’s submission. You can take pictures all year: fall, snow, ice, spring buds, garden growing, children playing.

While enjoying nature or sipping hot cocoa, bring out the camera for the memory shot. It may win you a prize!

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