Ideas For Upcoming Walnut Festival Photo Contest

Candles spelling out "peace" at the Thomasville Christmas Bazaar on November 10, 2023.Community

Candles spelling out "peace" at the Thomasville Christmas Bazaar on November 10, 2023.

Alton, Mo. – You may recall that will host a photo contest at next year’s Walnut Festival. Are you thinking about it? Different seasons bring different photographic images to life.

As we enter the Christmas season, taking pictures of decorations, glowing faces, carolers, and even wildlife, or the night sky makes great photographic opportunities. While icycles make cool pictures, you cannot get them in July.

Different Categories

The photo contest will have three categories: people, places, and animals. Thinks of toddlers under a glowing Christmas tree. How about Christmas lights illuminated against a frosty hillside? Then, a calf with snow on its back. When you go out, do not forget your camera.


The contest will want actual printed pictures. This is so all festival-goers can vote on the best pics. To get ideas, the new Missouri Conservationist has beautiful wildlife photos.

The contest will have prizes to make it worth your effort. You need not live in Alton to participate. However, you must be present at the Walnut Festival to submit your photos. This is an in-person contest. You do not submit an entry electronically. This contest is open to people of all ages, and there will be no entry fee.

So take an extra minute this season and take a snapshot. Whether you enter it or not, you are preserving a memory.

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