Is There An Artist In Your Family? Try Outside Art!

Local homeschooling group holds Arts & Cookies eventCommunity

Local homeschooling group holds Arts & Cookies event

Is there an artist in your household? The University of Missouri Extension and Creating Whole Communities seeks to empower public art made by residents as a contribution to the area’s sense of place where they live. In other words, they want to see local art made by local artists.

All Missourians—of any age—are encouraged to participate by creating art using materials available at home. They can create art (like yard sculptures, chalk art projects, painted stones or murals, etc.) in front of their residence or shared space in their neighborhood.

What Is This?

This project is about expressing creativity, no matter the skill level. This is about staying at home and decorating the outside. They are even giving prizes! This is a statewide event! You do need to register your site. They want actual addresses to view the art online. Once a site is registered, they will email all participants requesting a photo of their completed art installation.

All registered participants will be eligible for one of several statewide prizes recognizing the best art installations. Judges’ Choice awards will be selected following June 15, 2024.

Is There A Cost?

No. However, you do need to register. You can register here. The deadline to register is May 24. Registered sites will receive a yard sign designating their site as an official Show-Me Neighborhood Art Week stop. They will be noted on a map for all Missouri residents to see.

Who Can Enter?

Show Me Neighborhood Art Week is open to any resident of Missouri of all ages.


They do have certain, easy-to-follow guidelines that can be found here. Ideas like ‘do not use chalk as it will melt away’ are suggested. You can read all about it here.

When Is The Actual Contest?

While registration ends May 24, the actual judging is June 1-15, 2024. Awards will be selected after the final date. Good luck to all who enter!



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