Do You Have Some Free Time? Can You Ring A Bell?

Salvation Army bell ringing.

Salvation Army bell ringing.

Alton, Mo. – Thanksgiving is past. The Christmas season is upon us. This is the season of giving. The Salvation Army is famous for providing bell ringers during the Christmas season. In past years, the ministerial alliance has encouraged churchgoers and community members to ring the bell.

Where Does The Money Go?

While community members stand outside stores, ringing a bell to alert customers to drop in their coins, most of the money gathered goes back into the community. This money can go to the food pantry, school, the senior center or help those in need.

Where To Ring A Bell

In Alton, the bell ringer stands outside of Harps Grocery Store on Highway 160 West. They can be there any time the store is open. Timewise, one rings a bell from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.

Who Can Ring A Bell?

Anyone can ring a bell. Whether it is an individual, a family, or a group singing carols, the bell-ringing position is open to all.

Distinguishing Characteristics

A bell ringer is known by the bell he rings (provided), a bright red bucket (provided), and a bright red apron (provided). The ringer will stand outside to ring the bell, so please dress accordingly.

Who To Contact?

If you want to ring the bell in Alton, please contact Charlie Trantham at 417-270-0097.

If you are nearer Thayer, you can contact Larry Sisson at 817-706-1896 or Debi Carey at 417-293-1884.

Each city would appreciate any help offered, but would prefer a minimum of one-hour increments.

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