ISS Astronauts Lose Tool Bag To Float In Space

A picture from the ISS in space

A picture from the ISS in space

Do you think you have problems? Try losing something in space! Not only that, but those in the orbit can see what you lost with only a pair of binoculars. Here is what happened.

On November 1, 2023, two astronauts performed routine maintenance at the space center. However, on their first walk outside, they lost a tool bag [1]. Fortunately, the tools were no longer needed for additional maintenance.

The Bag

The tool bag is fluorescent white and reflective. It is large enough for the human eye to see it with only a pair of binoculars. Currently, it is in the orbit of the International Space Station. However, it is running approximately 10 minutes ahead of the station.

Other Lost Space Items

This is not the first time something has been lost in space. In 2017, the astronauts lost a bag. In 2006, they lost a spring and a washer. Back in 1965, during the first-ever spacewalk, Ed White lost a glove.

Now What Happens?

The lost tool bag will remain in the ISS orbit for a while. After a while, it will descend into the earth’s atmosphere and explode. Pieces may fall to the ground.

How To View It!

One can track the ISS here. The next date that it crosses over West Plains is December 1. There are various images of the bag along with its corresponding distance to the International Space Center.


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