Candidate For Governor Bill Slantz Speaks

Hand voting ballot elections.

Hand voting ballot elections.

Alton, Mo. – Recently, reached out to those running for different political offices across the state. We asked them poll questions about news our readers are interested in. As we receive their survey answers, we will post them so the voters can become acquainted with those running. This way, our voters can choose who best represents them in government. The first one we received back was from Bill Slantz, who is running for governor.

Are you aware that many schoolchildren cannot read or write cursive? What would you do to solve this problem?

The education system in Missouri is based on government policies regarding what children should know and be able to do at certain ages. Today, educational practices are centered on memorizing facts and passing standardized tests. The system applies canned instructional programs. And often needs more room for the unique gifts each student has or the challenges each one faces.

Let’s remove barriers to school choice and put the financial resources stripped from Missourians through school taxes back into parents’ hands to help fund their educational decisions. I want the government to get out of the way as academic experts. I support school choice because educators and students should be able to work directly with each other to establish their standards. I support school choice because it promotes competition, breeds innovation, cost-effectiveness, and better student outcomes.

Do you believe that self-defense is a right? Why? Should there be any limitations?

Yes. The private ownership and use of firearms or other weapons in a non-invasive way are entirely legitimate. Government regulation, licensing, and registration of guns should be abolished.

In light of the Bill of Rights, how do you propose supporting our enumerated freedoms and rights?

I believe the government has only three essential functions. First and foremost, protecting our security and the defense against aggression is a proper power and burden of the state government.

Infrastructure: One of the government’s primary roles is to promote and support robust infrastructure, providing tax dollars for power, roadways and highways, telecommunications, water supplies, and many more of the “big ticket” “grand” projects that benefit us all.

As illegal persons come to Missouri, do you see their presence as a help or a hindrance? What will they do to our economy?

Open borders for all who enter peacefully and do not pose a threat by relying on the state or welfare measures. “Sign the guest book on your way in.”

What is the biggest problem facing Missourians/Americans?

To protect rights, individuals from governments. Libertarians greatly oppose concentrated power: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I want to limit power, and that means significantly restricting government. Limited government is the fundamental political implication of libertarianism. I’m for individual liberty and sustained economic growth.

The traditional family consists of a father, mother, and children. Is this type of family good for our culture?

The government should play no role in marriage but yield to natural law standards. Any individual should be allowed to enter into a contract of civil union protected by contract law. If some wish to have “gay marriage” and others do not, each should be free to adopt the appropriate rules so long as property rights are respected.

What are the most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects in the state?

One of the government’s primary roles is to promote and support a robust infrastructure. Providing tax dollars for power, roadways and highways, telecommunications, water supplies, and many more of the “big ticket” “grand” projects that benefit us all.

How would you protect Oregon County from big government interference? Tax manipulation?

The income tax should be eliminated. The alternative would be National, State, and Local sales taxes. You could build some waivers or rebates for lower-income families.

What laws would you like to see passed or repealed in your term?

Wages should be set by the market. Workers should have the right to join or not join a union they choose without being subject to coercion. There should be no minimum wage.

Medicare and Medicaid, if needed, should be privatized. A better alternative is to allow local communities to build a support system for these needs directly.

In a free society, crimes would be limited to aggression against persons and property, including fraud. So-called “victimless crime” laws are incompatible with liberty. Today, drug laws are among the most destructive, counter-productive, and anti-freedom laws on the books.

What is your greatest accomplishment that you want voters to know about?

I am raising my family and running our business.

Can you give a short bio on why you chose to run for office?

I believe in a limited government. Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and accept responsibility for their choices. The Libertarian way approaches politics based on the principle of self-ownership — no group, government nor individual should be allowed to dictate or direct the life of any other group, government or individual.

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