Chuck Banks Running For State Senator

elections; voting

elections; voting

Chuck Banks, from Silva, Missouri, is running for state senator in district 25 on the Democratic ticket, which covers Oregon County. Recently, he answered the poll questions sent out. Here are his answers to help you be informed before election day.

Are you aware that many schoolchildren cannot read or write cursive? What would you do to solve this problem?

Many schools are down to 4 day weeks. Teachers are having to spend their own money for school supplies and perform hours of non-curricular activities. We must fully fund the school formula as originally written. So that teachers can teach these important skills. This takes money. Who has the money? Billionaires and Corporations that will soon pay NO taxes.

Do you believe that self-defense is a right? Why? Should there be any limitations?

Criminals and mentally challenged people should not have deadly weapons. Law abiding citizens and sportsmen must be able to defend themselves through well-regulated ownership of firearms as is called for in the second amendment.

In light of the Bill of Rights, how do you propose supporting our enumerated freedoms and rights?

Enforcement comes through the courts and law enforcement. Legislative infringement continues to be an issue and can only be solved through the ballot box. We must elect people who respect the law and the rights of all citizens.

As illegal persons come to Missouri, do you see their presence as a help or a hindrance? What will they do to our economy?

Illegal persons (other than dreamers) should be deported if they cannot get documented. Legal immigrants should be welcomed into our society to help us solve the labor issue and the lack of population growth. They will be a boon for economic development.

What is the biggest problem facing Missourians/Americans?

The corporate control of our government. All of the majority party is controlled by billionaires and corporations through PACS and “think tanks” like ALEC, The Heritage Foundation That is why they will soon pay NO TAXES at all as they phase out the corporate income tax.

The traditional family consists of a father, mother, and children. Is this type of family good for our culture?

All families are good for our culture. Love and commitment to each other will result in stable communities and productive citizens. Judging others is against our Judeo-Christian midwestern moral compass.

What are the state’s most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects?

Fiber optics to every home and business, and a quality transportation system will enable any company to have workers here in the beautiful Ozarks.

How would you protect Oregon County from big government interference? Tax manipulation?

In the United States, we are the government. Participation by all the citizens in the government will result in the government that we want. If regulations are not needed, or overstep their authority, then we can control them, that is our constitutional mandate, government by the governed. As for Tax manipulation, everyone must pay their fair share. The cost of services, spread out over everyone will result in lower costs (taxes) per capita.

What laws would you like to see passed or repealed in your term?

Heal the sick: expand Medicaid and all healthcare services. Feed the hungry: increase SNAP and food services for the elderly. Make everyone pay their fair share in taxes: Repeal the Hancock Amendment. Love each other: Codify Roe v Wade.

What is your greatest accomplishment that you want voters to know about?

Father and grandfather. I know how to make government work for the people. I had a successful career of public service as an elected official and as appointed and volunteer on not-for-profits and community betterment activities. As Mayor we expanded the Park system, police station and all City services and grew the population and the industrial tax base.
As Presiding commissioner of Jefferson County, We reduced the number of meth labs, and expanded the county in every way.
As a Congressional Aide, Leader Gephardt brought hundreds of millions of dollars to my area of responsibility. Chartered a Lions Club, Scoutmaster, Chamber Pres, regional MPO, EDC chair, EIERA (State of Missouri), Cable board Pres.

Can you give a short bio on why you chose to run for office?

After 30 years of public service with much success, I watched as corporations took over our state government and Missouri has fallen behind. The citizens have paid the price in deaths and quality of life. When they lowered the corporate tax and kicked 200,000 poor off their Healthcare, and took away monthly meals from the poor, I felt I had a moral obligation to do something. The answer is simple, put the government back into the hands of the people where our constitution says it should be: Government by the People not the corporations.

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