Governor Parson Gives State Of The State Address

Governor Parson speaks to TeenPacters on March 30, 2022, at Jefferson City.

Governor Parson speaks to TeenPacters on March 30, 2022, at Jefferson City.

Governor Mike Parson delivered the 2023 State of the State Address to the Missouri General Assembly on January 18, 2023. His theme was “We are not done yet.”

After recalling 2022 and a historic special session that saw the passage of the State’s largest income tax cut alongside extraordinary support for agriculture, his speech centered on the progress state government has made in infrastructure, workforce and education, mental health and health, government reform, and public safety. He also focused on where more is needed. 

Parson said,

Together, we’ve moved billions of dollars in investments across this state. Whether you live in Kansas City or St. Louis, call Kennett or Rockport home, grow corn or cotton, vote left, right, or center, we’ve left no community behind [1].

He went on to say,

Missouri is stronger today, and we’re going to continue what we’ve started because this Governor isn’t done yet. WE ARE NOT DONE YET [2].



To build on the state’s past successes, Governor Parson prioritized major investments in infrastructure. This includes broadband expansion efforts and $35 million to update railway crossings. Parson also wants to make an investment to widen and rebuild the I-70 corridor.

Workforce And Education

Parson detailed the progress his administration has made in education. He is allocating funds to assist childcare providers in several ways.  Parson also recommended investing in workforce development and higher education.

Government Reform

Parson is proposing providing an 8.7 percent cost of living adjustment for all state workers. He also wants to expand the state’s successful youth behavioral health liaison program.

During his speech, Governor Parson expressed his continued support for Missouri’s law enforcement officers.  To read the entire state of the state address, you can click here.


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