The 27th Annual Ozark Marketing Bridal Expo Is On January 28th

A white wedding cake with flowers on the side.Community

A white wedding cake with flowers on the side.

Are you a fiance looking for ideas on how to plan your wedding and where to get all of your event items? Ozark Marketing is holding its 27th Annual Ozark Marketing Bridal Expo on Saturday, January 28, 2023, between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm at the West Plains, Missouri, Civic Center.

Location and Times

The bridal expo will be on January 28, 2023, between 9-2 at the West Plains Civic Center. [1]


There is a variety of vendors ready for the expo, including vendors who specialize in flowers, dishes, tables, and outfits. Some of the vendors include Broadway Formal, Pure Romance, and Parkway Beauty Academy. [2]


The theme this year is “enchanted gardens,” which would be a perfect wedding theme for a couple.


There is also going to be a prize for one of the bride-to-be’s. The package includes gifts from all the vendors and a trip to the Dominican Republic. [3]

Who Can Come?

Anyone can come, whether you’re a fiance, family or friends of the bride or groom, or if you just like weddings.


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