Missouri Governor Parson Promotes Honoring Veterans This Veterans Day

Thank you veterans sign.

Thank you veterans sign.

On November ninth, a couple days before veterans day, Missouri Governor Parson released a statement where he encouraged the civilians to honor those who have and are currently serving, this Veterans Day. The people who served the United States, offering their time and sometimes sacrificing their lives for our freedom should be honored.

Take a Moment

Governor Parson encouraged people to take a moment to appreciate those who have served. There are over 488,000 veterans residing in Missouri. Thank one of them for their sacrifice.

This Veterans Day weekend, as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, let us take time to honor the service, sacrifice, commitment, and courage of all veterans, including the 488,000 veterans who call Missouri home [1]

Not Just Today

Governor Parson also encouraged people to not only remember and honor veterans on this holiday but every day of the year. Veterans Day is a good day to remember that we should be honoring those who served but that does not make it the sole day that you can honor veterans.

I pledge to continue working to make Missouri the nation’s most military and veteran friendly state, and encourage everyone to take the time to say thanks to our veterans—not only this weekend, but throughout the year. In doing so, we are teaching the next generation of Missourians the meaning of honor, freedom, integrity, and respect


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