Missouri Leading The Way To Not Bail Out Student Loans

Lady holding money.

Lady holding money.

Although Biden was previously struck down for ‘forgiving’ student debts, he is trying to do so again. In 2023, the Supreme Court ruled that Biden overstepped his enumerated powers. He cannot erase someone else’s debt between two parties. Undeterred, he claims to erase them again, putting the students’ debts on the taxpayers’ shoulders. Missouri is fighting it.

Who Is Fighting This?

Led by Missouri Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey, the lawsuit is joined by Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma. These seven states (so far) have filed suit against President Biden, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, and the U.S. Department of Education over Biden’s SAVE income-driven repayment student loan initiative.

Past Cancellations

Biden’s first attempt at student loan forgiveness would have erased $10,000 for borrowers with yearly incomes of up to $125,000, plus an additional $10,000 if they received federal Pell grants for low-income students. It was estimated to cost $400 billion and cancel at least some student debt for more than 40 million people. Someone would have to pay these debts.

The Supreme Court rejected that plan in 2023, saying Biden overstepped his authority.

Missouri Reasoning

Missouri Attorney General Bailey is fighting this forgiveness. He said,

With the stroke of his pen, Joe Biden is attempting to saddle working Missourians with a half trillion dollars in college debt [1].

He went on to say,

The United States Constitution makes clear that the president lacks the authority to unilaterally ‘cancel’ student loan debt for millions of Americans without express permission from Congress [2].


Bailey announced that Biden is attempting to thwart the Constitution to suit his political agenda. He explained who would pay the debts,

Just last year, the Supreme Court struck down an attempt by the President to force teachers, truckers, and farmers to pay for the student loan debt of other Americans — to the enormous tune of $430 billion [3].

The Supreme Court declared that the President cannot ‘unilaterally alter large sections of the American economy.’

Can The President Do Everything He Wants?

The answer is no. The President does have enumerated powers, as do the legislative and judicial branches. However, Biden brags over his breaking of the law. He said,

The Supreme Court blocked it. They blocked it. But that didn’t stop me [4].

In March 2024, 11 states joined Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach and filed a lawsuit arguing the new plan is no different from Biden’s first effort in loan cancellation, which the Supreme Court rejected in June 2023. Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah joined Kansas in the previous suit.


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