Uneven Dress Codes For Senate- Who Belongs Here?

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Last week, the Senate announced they will allow Senators to wear whatever they want when sessions convene. This decision was made to accommodate Senator Fetterman, who has worn sweat clothes since his stroke several months ago. However, the new dress code only applies to Senators. If you visit the senate, prepare to wear business dress attire: a suit.

Senate Leader Schumer

Although the Senate leader, Senator Schumer, says he will continue wearing suits, other senators can choose not to. However, he addressed staffers and visitors as needing to adhere to the business attire policy.

Senator Collins

Not all Senators think as Schumer does. Senator Collins, age 70, remarked that

dropping the dress code deals a blow to the dignity of the Senate.

She threatened to wear a swimsuit at the next senate session. If the Senate has no dress code and each senator can choose what to wear, swimsuits- or worse- are allowable.

Visitors’ Attire

Nonetheless, if so much discussion is spent on Fettermen’s attire that the dress code from ages was dropped, why are visitors and staffers still expected to comply? Should the Senators, who receive pay for representing districts, set the example by wearing business attire? Their appearance communicates the importance of their jobs.

Contrasting Opinions

While most Republicans oppose this dress code change, many Democrats do, too. They believe Schumer’s decision was wrong, or at least untimely. Senator Manchin is acquiring signatures to reverse this decision. Until the decision is overturned, when you visit the Senate, plan accordingly and wear a suit.

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