Representative Smith Votes For Our Appliances



Although this is an election year, Representative Smith is busy making decisions safeguarding our everyday lives. Although the Senate majority is different from the House, the House often passes resolutions to show how they feel on important issues.

H.R. 7109 Equal Representation Act

This resolution requires the decennial census to include a citizenship question and excludes illegal immigrants from the population on which the apportionment of U.S. House Representatives and electors for each state is based. Smith voted in favor. It did pass.

S. 870 Fire Grants and Safety

 It reauthorizes the U.S. Fire Administration and two grant programs that help fire departments obtain the resources they need for training and equipment. It passed, and Smith voted in favor.

H.R. 2925 Mining Regulatory Act

This corrects a harmful court decision known as the “Rosemont Decision,” which threatens America’s mining system and creates more red tape under which American mining operators must work. The legislation allows mining operations to continue as they have historically under the law, strengthens our supply chains, and protects the communities and jobs supported by the mining industry. Smith voted in favor and it passed.

H.R. 6192 Appliances Act

This prevents the Secretary of Energy and the Department of Energy from implementing new or amended energy efficiency standards for appliances that are not technologically feasible and economically justified. It passed and Smith voted in favor.

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