Will The W.H.O. Tell Americans What To Do?

Man in mask.

Man in mask.

More and more Americans realize that American sovereignty is at risk, reports Family Research Council Action. In May, the World Health Organization will meet in Geneva, Switzerland, to finalize their draft of the Pandemic Agreement, something the Washington Stand describes as the Health Care Tower of Babel.

If member nations of the World Health Organization pass this agreement and President Biden signs it, it would seriously undermine American sovereignty by giving this liberal, unelected, unaccountable, anti-American, and globalist organization power in our domestic affairs. The effects this could have on daily American life would be drastic.

The Agreement

Among other things, this agreement works to mislead citizens regarding all of the information about a plague; it equates people with animals and plants, and it allows governments to arrest people who do not trust the government. You can read more here.

States’ Decisions

Some states see the writing on the wall and put up walls before the damage comes. For example, the Louisiana state senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 133, which aims to prevent the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum from having jurisdiction and power in the state.

Legislation like this sends a strong message to the globalists and the Biden administration: the American people do not wish to bow the knee to global bureaucrats.

WHO Policies

In addition, the World Health Organization has a history of policies promoting abortion and gender ideology. Furthermore, this agreement would empower the W.H.O. to censor American citizens whom it deems as spreading false or misleading information. Whether the information is false or not, WHO has the permission to restrict free speech. If we allow this globalist group to assume control over our nation’s response to future pandemics, we could see even more censorship than we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The big decision comes in May when the World Health Organization meets. Senator Hawley can be contacted here by email or phone, and Senator Schmitt can be contacted here.

Tell them your thoughts on the WHO telling Americans what to do.


Even if Biden signs this abomination to US sovereignty, the US Senate must confirm the treaty or agreement. We the people need to understand our Declaration of Independence to understand where our power and rights come from (hint: “The Supreme Judge of the World” i.e. our Creator) and why governments are instituted among men (hint: to protect our God-given rights i.e. not trespass upon them and try to steal them). Then we need to understand our Constitution, how it was ratified and how & why it limits our federal government (hint: the states existed before the federal government and created and ratified the Constitution, then granted certain stated and enumerated powers to this federal government beyond which it cannot operate or it will be in breach of our covenant with it.)

Whoever the president is, he is only the president! Limited by Article II of our constitution. He has no more powers than that. Period!

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