Christian Visibility Day Instead Of Body Desecration Day

Easter morning.

Easter morning.

Former President Trump vowed to create a “Christian Visibility Day” following President Biden’s declaration of “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which landed on Easter Sunday this year. In a speech, Trump asked what was in Biden’s mind, desecrating the Christian’s most holy of days. He said what many people thought,

Such total disrespect to Christians [1].

Trump’s Announcement

Trump told supporters on Tuesday that Election Day, November 5th, 2024, would be Christian Visibility Day. Christians will come out in droves to vote for those they think will lead their country in the direction they want to go.

Biden’s Critics

Biden has faced backlash after proclaiming to honor the transgender movement fell on, of all days, Easter Sunday. This was announced by Biden who calls himself a Catholic. Easter is celebrated by Christians as the Resurrection Day of Jesus Christ. While Bible believers believe each individual is created by God and in His image, the transgender movement tries to change the basic being of a person.

This was just another attack against Christians since Biden took office.


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