Google and Samsung Join Forces on RCS Messaging for Android

Samsung and Google work on messaging.

Samsung and Google work on messaging.

Samsung and Google announced they are working together to create a better, easier smartphone RCS messaging experience. Working alongside each other, Google and Samsung want to ensure that, Android Messages and Samsung Messages, work smoothly with each company’s RCS technology. This is including cloud and business messaging platforms. [1]

What will it do

This creation will make it so that Android Messages and Samsung Messages can work seamlessly together. Along with working with RCS messaging. This quality will enable features like the ability to chat over WiFi, create group chats, see typing indications and read receipts for all parties. As well as the fact that they will also be able to share photos and videos across platforms.

Who will be affected

Currently, Samsung will be working to bring these RCS features to their pre-existing phones. They plan on implementing the RCS starting with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The new Samsung Galaxy smartphones will also natively be supporting RCS messaging. Beginning with those that are connected to phone carriers that have or will soon have the RCS feature.

Together, Samsung and Google aim to make a better messaging experience. Where both Google and Samsung users can freely access and control their messages.


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