5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Entertaining your dog.

Entertaining your dog.

Bored dogs get into trouble. Owners are their main source of entertainment, so if we’re not giving them things to do they’ll come up with activities of their own, even if that means us ending up with chewed shoes and curtains.

By playing with your dog a few times a day you can decrease the likelihood of them developing destructive habits such as excessive barking or chewing. Keeping your dog entertained can be a challenge. And trying to come up with new ideas on how to keep your dog busy can be exhausting. Sometimes more than actually getting up and doing it.

The TV

Dogs have excellent vision and are very attentive to moving images. If you have Animal Planet, Nat Geo, or a similar station which features lots of pet and animal programming, your dog will enjoy those best. The sounds of other animals will engage your dogs brain and keep them busy. Not all dogs like TV though.


KONG toys are nontoxic rubber toys with a hollow center. They are available at local pet stores and come in many sizes, which range from sizes great for small puppies up through massive German Shepherds. Putting sugar free peanut butter into the toy and giving it to your pet will keep it busy for awhile.

Open windows

Open some curtains to allow your dog ample view of outside. Pets like watching their yard from the comfort of behind a window.

Get a puzzle

There are loads of interactive dog toys in stores that will keep your dog occupied for hours.The promise of a treat when they solve the puzzle is enough to keep them engaged with the toy.

A new toy

A tough chew toy that can’t be torn apart while they play with it is best, just in case your dog likes to gobble things up. Also rotate through toys. After a day or two, put one toy away so it’s out of sight and mind, and bring out another to replace it. This will keep all of your pet’s toys fresh and exciting.

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