What Every Hunter Ought to Know About Deer Season in 2018

Deer in field.

Deer in field.

When is deer hunting? Throughout the year we are plagued, or blessed, with seeing multiple white tail deer. Young fawns standing in the back yard during spring. Does and bucks crossing the road inches in front of your car in the middle of the day. A constant reminder of hunting season but we can never seem to remember when that starts.

When is deer hunting season?

Deer hunting is split into two categories, archery and firearms. Archery hunting starts September 15th and ends November 9th in 2018. Fire arm hunting begins in October for youths and November for ages sixteen and up. People ages 6-15 can deer hunt with a firearm on October 27th and 28th as well as November 23rd through 25th. Firearm hunting for anyone with a permit begins November 10th and continues until November 20th.

Antler-less hunting

Antler-less hunting is available from November 30th and continues through December 2nd.  You may use any legal deer hunting method to take antlerless deer in open counties or your own property.

Alternative hunting

Alternative hunting methods begins December 22nd and ends January 1st. Hunting alternatively allows the hunter to use a muzzleloader or archery methods, crossbows, atlatl, handguns, and air-powered guns in hunting deer.

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