5 Ways to Power Through Your Cucumbers

Cucumbers ideas.

Cucumbers ideas.

Do you have spare cucumbers? Cucumber stacked high on your counters, taking up space in your fridge, cucumbers filling boxes that crowd your floors?

Or maybe you just have a few cucumbers that you bought because they were on sale but you really don’t know what to do with them and if you eat another salad with sliced cucumbers on top you might just have a fit?

Fortunately, there are many uses for cucumbers, from beauty to eating. Included in the list below are just a few of the ways you can use cucumbers that will have you wanting more of that fresh vegetable.

Make some soup

There are multiple recipes online that will tell you how to make a cool, cucumber soup. Perfect for a warm summer day.

Make some pickles

This might seem like an obvious choice but making some pickles is a quick and easy way to get rid of spare cucumbers. Plus you won’t have to worry about them spoiling anytime soon. Or who will bring pickles to the next party.

Drink your cucumbers

Cucumbers are mostly water making them a great choice when you’re trying to stay hydrated all summer long. Try slicing the pickles and putting them in a glass of water or some lemonade for a cool, sweet taste.

Put cucumbers on your eyes

Again, cucumbers are highly hydrating and will help cool the delicate skin around your eyes. While you’re at it, put cucumbers all over your face for a glowy, smooth complexion.

Make a smoothie

Smoothies don’t have to be complicated, and they can be an easy way to drink your vitamins, and cucumbers.


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