Save Money This Christmas With 3 Unique Ways to Wrap Your Gifts

Stack of Christmas gifts.Community

Stack of Christmas gifts.

With just eleven more days until Christmas, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of having all your gifts wrapped and ready to go in time. Not to mention, gift wrap can get a little pricey just to have it torn off and thrown away in less than two weeks.

LifeHackers creative producer, Heather, and Yessenia Funes from Earther get together in the four-minute video below where they experiment with different types of household “trash” to wrap their gifts with.

Whether you want to be unique this Christmas or you feel like saving some money, using toilet paper rolls, chip bags, and cereal boxes in place of gift wrap will make 2018’s Christmas memorable.

And if you think that these ideas are dumb, no shame, some of them are over the top, try these instead:

Newspapers for Your Gifts

Newspapers to wrap your gifts for a unique, minimalistic touch. Cheap and declutters your house from all the newspapers you have sitting on your end table. And the coffee table. And bookshelf.

Amazon Saves you Money

Another way to wrap your gifts cheaply but still have them looking good is using the brown paper that wraps your Amazon order. Just take the paper that comes when you order things from Amazon, wrap your gifts, and (optional) tie them with some brown chord for an aesthetically pleasing pile of gifts.

Travel the World! Or Country

Using old travel maps can also add style to your wrapping without the expense of buying a roll of colored paper. You can find maps at rest areas and welcome centers across the country. Or you can pull out the stack of old maps from 1999 that you’ve been saving for your road trip.

Don’t Take it too Seriously

Whether or not you use store-bought gift wrap, toilet paper, or packing paper, it’s the thought that counts and the receiver of the gift will probably enjoy it just as much if you hand it to them unwrapped. After all the Christmas spirit is about Christ and giving, not about the best way to wrap a box.

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