Here Are The Poll Results From Alton’s 2023 Christmas Parade

Alton, Mo. – On December 2, 2023, Alton, Missouri, had its Christmas parade. While covering the event, the field team had a chance to interview the attendees. The three questions that were asked were: 1. What colors are in a candy cane? 2. When do you start your Christmas shopping? and 3. Where was Jesus born?

Candy Cane

Although it may seem like a simple question, when you’re put on the spot, the simplest answers fly away.

  • Correctly answered: 100%
  • Incorrectly answered: 0%


The second question asked was when do you start your Christmas shopping. While some did say at least two months beforehand, the majority of people do their Christmas shopping in December.

  • December 1st: 27%
  • November: 20%
  • Last Minute: 20%

Jesus’ Birth

The final question asked was where Jesus was born. Although almost everyone knew He was born in a manger, hardly anyone knew what city He was born in.

  • Answered correctly: 36%
  • Did not answer correctly: 64%


The colors in a candy cane are, of course, red and white. The city where Jesus was born was Bethlehem.

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