McDonald’s Announces Free McMuffin

fried egg

fried egg

McDonald’s announced that they dubbed Monday, March 2 as National McMuffin Day. In honor of this day, McDonald’s is giving out free egg mcmuffins. Between 6:00 am.m and 10:30 a.m. McDonald’s across the nation is handing out free egg mcmuffins at participating locations. This deal is available by downloading their app, and it is only one day.

Why Is This Happening?

Some say this is an advertising gimmick against Wendy’s new breakfast menu; however, the vice president of US communication, David Tovar, commented that the purpose of this giveaway is to honor their breakfast fans. [1] These fans have supported McDonald’s for almost 50 years.

History Of Egg McMuffin

The famous egg mcmuffin was first served at McDonald’s in 1971. It is made with a freshly cracked agg, not an egg patty with various fillers. This sandwich came as an accident from a cook trying to make eggs Benedict. Interesting fact to note is that the same person who invented this sandwich, Herb Peterson, also invented the Teflon ring that the eggs are cooked in.  An egg McMuffin consists of an English muffin wrapped around an egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese.

This is a one day only event. So if you miss it, you may have to wait an entire year for another free breakfast sandwich.





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