7 Activities To Do With Your Grandparents To Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Old Mans Hands

Old Mans Hands

Alton, Mo. – Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 13, 2020. Here are ten things you can do with them to show them you are thankful for them.

#1 Make A Card

A thoughtful idea is to make a card for your grandparents. You can either buy a card or make a homemade one. You can also put a poem on the card, a picture, or a saying.

#2 Bake

A fun thing to do with one or both of your grandparents is to bake. You can make a meal, dessert, or a snack.

#3 Have Coupons

If your grandparents live nearby, you can make a little booklet with coupons in it, such as cleaning their windows, sweeping the floor, or doing the dishes. [1]

#4 Go Fishing

If your grandpa or grandma likes to go fishing, go to the river or lake and go fishing. And if you catch a fish you can cook it for one of the meals that day.

#5 Make or Get A Gift

Another way to make Grandparents Day special for your grandpa and grandma is to make or get them a gift. Your grandparents will appreciate the gift.

#6 Go Through A Photo Album

Bring back some memories by going through photo albums. Whether if you are going through the photo albums when you were little or when your grandparents were kids, it will bring back some nice memories.

#7 Do Some Crafts

You can get some craft supplies and make some crafty stuff. You can paint or you can put something together following instructions. [2]


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