How To Take Care Of Your Lawn: 9 Steps To Having Your Yard Nice And Clean

Someone mowing their lawn with a lawn mower.

Someone mowing their lawn with a lawn mower.

Spring is here and spring brings rain, and rain helps the grass grow. Are you at a loss of how to take care of your lawn? Here are nine basic things to do.

1. Mow

No one likes a shaggy yard with long grass. Whether you have a push lawn mower or a riding lawn mower you need to get it done.

2. Pick Up The Yard

Another thing no one likes is yards with piles of junk in them. So plan a day and go outside and throw away the junk. Another thing you can do is to pick up the fallen sticks around the yard (not in the woods if you live near one) and stack them in a nice pile someplace.

3. Weed

If you have a garden or flowers or if you have places your lawn mower can’t reach, get some scissors out or use your hands and weed. Use your scissors near steps if your lawn mower cannot cut down all the grass. Weed around your flowers so all you can see are the bright colors.

4. Prune Bushes and Branches

If you have bushes or shrubs around your yard, take your pruners and clip them into any shape you want them to look like. You can go for the rectangle look or you can be extravagant and clip them into ducks.

Also, if you have trees in your yard with low-hanging branches, get your pruners again, or a saw, and cut them down.

5. Prune Around Your Mailbox

If you live in the country, prune around your mailbox. It makes it look better and it helps your mailman not get all weedy. You can also prune the weeds and little trees to make your driveway look better.

6. Fertilize The Grass

If you want the nice fluffy grass you always see in pictures, buy some fertilizer and grass seed and put it into the ground.

7. Put Wood Chips Around Trees

Another thing you can do is get wood chips, pine needles, or rocks, and put them around the base of the trees in your yard. It will make the yard look better and you won’t have to mow really close around the base of the tree.

8. Make Sure Everything’s In Place

This goes along with step number two. When you’re picking up the yard, make sure everything’s in place- trash cans where they’re supposed to be, the bird feeder, your pruners, your lawn mower where they’re supposed to be.

9. Pick Up Rocks

The last thing you can do is to pick up rocks. Every yard has rocks. Some yards may have big rocks or just little pebbles. Plan a day and pick up all the major-sized rocks (at least in the main areas).

After you’ve done all these steps, you have a nice yard to look at.

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