5 Tips to Make This Black Gold Walnut Festival Your Best One Yet

Alton MO Black Walnut Festival

Alton MO Black Walnut Festival tips.

With the annual Alton, Missouri Black Walnut Festival coming up soon it’s important to plan for your ultimate convenience and enjoyment to make this year the best you’ve had so far. Fall has finally arrived with cooler temperatures and pumpkins.

Along with fall comes Alton’s annual Black Gold Walnut Festival with vendors, games, and food. It’s easy to get forgetful when you go to an event so here are some helpful hints to make this year’s Black Walnut festival fun simply.

Find out at What Time it Starts.

Figure out what time the Black Walnut festival begins so if you have a booth you have adequate time to set up and if you’re just traveling to see a specific event, you can make it in time.

Make Sure to Have a Drink.

Bring bottled water or another drink. Or at least be prepared to buy a drink to help keep you happy and hydrated as you walk around the Alton town square.

Make Sure to Bring Money to Spend at the Booths.

On that note, make sure to be prepared to bring money for the games, food or trinkets that people at the fair are selling.

Bring Your Phone or a Camera.

Whether you’re alone or with friends, it’s fun and important to capture moments to look back on. Make sure you charge your phone or camera battery and have ready to go. Having a full battery allows you to take plenty of pictures of your niece carving a big, orange, pumpkin.

Wear Appropriate Clothing.

As Alton holds this in October make sure to check the weather before going. The Black Walnut festival is known to be changeable when it comes to weather. Wear something that’s comfortable and suits the weather that day.
Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself!

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