National Animal Cracker Day April 18

Bowl of apple sauce.Community

Bowl of apple sauce.

Alton, Mo. – A food that everyone of all ages loves is animal crackers. National Animal Cracker Day is April 18, 2020. If you don’t like the natural flavor of just animal crackers, here are some ideas and foods to have with your animal crackers.


A great food to have with your crackers is pudding. You can make any type of pudding then dip your crackers into the bowl of pudding. A great afternoon or morning snack.


If you have an open container of frosting in your fridge spread it over the animals. You can also get the already frosting animal crackers and have those as well.


Even though for manners you aren’t supposed to play with your food, you can make a zoo with your animals. The crackers come with elephants, lions, giraffes, and more animals. You can also add some different foods to make different parts of the zoo.

Apple Sauce

Another food you can dip your crackers into is apple sauce. You can change up the flavor of the apple sauce for cinnamon or just regular apple sauce and then dip your delicious animals into the sauce.


You can also have fruit with the crackers. Whether it be fruit cocktail, peaches, apples, or any other fruit and have some fruit crackers.

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