Winners Of The Big Springs Conference Tournament In Alton, MO

ALTON, MO - JANUARY 28: Alton Comets Rylan Steele (35) defends a Whippet against the Ellington Whippets on January 28, 2021 at the Alton High School Gym in Alton, Missouri. (Photo by Curtis Thomas/

On Saturday, January 30, 2021, was the Big Spring Conference Tournament’s basketball championship games. The Alton High School Choir sang the National Anthem before the varsity boys game. Here are the winners of the games.

Varsity Girls

The varsity girls Ellington Whippets won over the Emminence Redwings 75-69 for first place. The Alton Comets beat the Van Buren Bulldogs 62-61 for third place.

ALTON, MO – JANUARY 28: Ellington Whippets Dylan Price (24) gets ready to go for a two-pointer against the Alton Comets on January 28, 2021 at the Alton High School Gym in Alton, Missouri. (Photo by Curtis Thomas/

Junior Varsity Boys

The Alton Comets lost to the Ellington Whippets for first place in the junior varsity tournament. For third place, the Bunker Eagles won over the Van Buren Bulldogs.

Varsity Boys: Alton Vs. Bunker

Brandon DeWolf (#2 for Comets) went up for two three-pointers in the beginning of the first quarter. DeWolf made another three-pointer later on in the quarter. The score at that time was 13-0. The first points of the game for the Eagles were from Cade Sutton (#42 for Eagles), who made a two-pointer. The score at the end of the first quarter was 15-6, with the Comets in the lead.

Comets Score More Points

Rylan Steele (#35 for Comets) made a three-pointer for the team early in the second quarter. Brandon DeWolf made two two-pointers in a row to put his team up to 27-10. Right after that, DeWolf made two three-pointers, with one being a fade shot. The score at halftime was33-12, with the Comets in the lead.

Slam Dunk By Sisco

Chanler Sisco (#4 for Comets) was passed the ball early in the second half, which he slam-dunked. Blake Mathis (#0 for Eagles) made two for two free throw shots. The score at that time was 38-21. Jayden Bullock (#3 for Eagles) made the last points of the third quarter with a three-pointer. The score at the end of the third quarter was 38-24.

Comets Edge Out

Chanler Sisco made 6 for 6 of his free throw shots in the fourth quarter. Cason Kinder (#22 for Comets) made a three-pointer in the fourth quarter, making the score 47-31. At the end of the game, the score was 57-40, with the Comets taking the win.

All-Tournament Team

The all-tournament team for the varsity boys was the Van Buren Bulldogs Haden Barnes (#02), the Alton Comets Cainan Heck (#5), the Ellington Whippets Brycen King (#34), the Bunker Eagles Blake Mathis (#0), the Alton Comets Chanler Sisco (#4), and the Bunker Eagles Cade Sutton (#42).

Third Place

Competing for third place, the varsity boys Van Buren Bulldogs won 60-56 over the Ellington Whippets.

All plays and scores courtesy of Alton Sports Network.

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