Get Rid of Spotty Wifi in Your Home With Samsung

Samsung renovates wifi.

Samsung renovates wifi.

Samsung announced its new SmartThings Wifi mesh network system. Samsung partnered with Plume for a smarter type of wifi for your home. No longer does the “The closer to the router you are, the better wifi you get” rule exists. Now Samsung offers the SmartThings Wifi pack which works with mesh technology to get optimum wifi coverage in your home.

How it works

Each SmartThings Wifi router has a range of 1,500 square feet. The pack has the ability to cover 4,500 square feet. Users can add to that by hooking up more mesh routers to their set-up. Plume has the intelligence to monitor and manage the wifi use in your home. This allows a better connection and faster speeds for everyone involved.

The Plume platform adapts to internet usage in the home and intelligently allocates bandwidth, mitigates interference, and delivers maximum Wi-Fi capacity across the home, accounting for every connected device and selecting the optimal band and frequency channel so users can get the fastest speed possible. Plume’s technology can optimize a home network across multiple devices so parents working from laptops can download files while kids stream TV, and gamers experience speed and reliability even when others are on the network. [1]


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