6 Great Places to Camp in the Ozarks

Places to Camp in the Ozarks.

Places to Camp in the Ozarks.

Getting outdoors can be a fun and relaxing time for you and your friends or family. Camping outdoors takes that feeling to another level, with more time to enjoy nature. It can sometimes be difficult to find a good campground though. One with nice views, good parking, and plenty of things to do while you’re there. Great places to camp are found in abundance in the Ozarks.

Let’s Go Camping

The Ozark National Forest spans 1.2 million acres, across multiple states and heights. It includes hiking trails, rivers and springs and a lot of places to camp. Which is why thedyrt compiled a list of the six best camping areas in the Ozarks. To make choosing the best spot for you easier than searching through hundreds of different campgrounds trying to find a decent location. [1]

  1. Blanchard Springs Campgrounds

  2.  Barkshed Campground

  3. Gunner Pool Recreation Area

  4. Bear Creek

  5. White Rock Mountain Recreation Area

  6. Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area

The Campgrounds

Blanchard Springs Campgrounds (Arkansas) has 17 campsites and two group sites with water, a sewage dump, and room for smaller RVs. It’s located next to some caverns, which are the highlight of these campgrounds.

Barkshed Campground (Arkansas) is the beginning of the North Sylamore Hiking Trail, a 23 long trail that goes along sandstone bluffs near the edge of a creek. The trails wind all the way back to Blanchard Spring caverns.

Gunner Pool Recreation Area (Arkansas) offers 27 different tree filled campgrounds. With access to the White and Buffalo Rivers, and a large swimming hole. This recreation area is filled with scenic views.

Bear Creek (Missouri) sits next to Bear Lake and has 30 miles of shoreline alongside the creek. It comes with a nature mile long trail, and Bear Lakes beach.

White Rock Mountain Recreation Area (Arkansas) is situated 2,260 miles above sea level. There are campgrounds, cabins, and hiking along the Shores Lake loop trail. This area has plenty of scenic views and ATV trails.

Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area (Arkansas) is next to some beautiful creeks and Ozark’s old hardwoods, near Big Piney Creek and the Ozark Highlands Trail.

In conclusion, both Missouri and Arkansas have beautiful places to camp for anyone who wants to take time in the outdoors.


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