Is There Really Food Shortages In The United States?

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Much talk has been in the news regarding food shortages. Are the voices accurate? Should we as Americans expect massive food shortages come fall throughout the winter? And why? Are we not one of the leading industrialist nations on the planet? Here are developments from across the country.

Plants Moving

Many large food processing plants are moving their main facility. Take Smithfields Inc, for example [1]. Their main location is in California. However, new regulations in that state make operating there almost futile. High taxes and high utilities are driving the company elsewhere. It takes money and time to make large moves.

Food Processing Fires

Farmers are growing all they can, despite the rise in fertilizer costs. However, once the product is in the food processing plant, strange things happen. There have been a number of fires at food processing plants. Is this mere coincidence. Or is the government making the news. Since January of this year, at least 10 fires have occurred across this country at food processing plants [2]. This includes two planes flying into separate food processing plants. What is the chance of that? Pretty low. This accidents are happening from Oregon, to Virginia, to even Jonesboro, AR. This happens to produce facilities as well as poultry plants.

No Workers

Yet another issue facing consumers is the paying out by the government to persons still not working. While the government raises minimum wage and pays able bodied persons to stay at home, many businesses simply do not have the manpower to meet all of the demands. California still allows workers to stay home for high temperatures or being in contact with one who ‘could’ have covid.

While one side of the political aisle is ruling out any conspiracy, calling it all coincidence and no charges pressed anywhere, the other side is claiming that there are too many coincidences. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests that

Democrats are starting fires on purpose in order to deprive the nation of food [3].

This goes alongside the empty baby formula shelves and the idea that illegal immigrants are receiving pallets of the formula when they enter the country.

Considering the last two years and the many changes already happening in 2022, it would be wise to prepare for the worst. Remember toilet paper? The worst that will happen is the stores will remain stocked and you will have extra to be thankful for.


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