Looking For A Job? Family Dollar/ Dollar Tree Is Now Hiring

Family Dollar/Dollar Tree

Alton, Mo. – Experts say the job market is good right now. Not much could be better than a new store opening in your area, looking to hire! That is what Family Dollar/Dollar Tree is doing right now: they’re taking applications from those who want to work for them.

Where Is This Business?

Family Dollar/Dollar Tree is located in Alton, Missouri, right on the corner of Highway 19 north and Highway 160.


Whether you are looking for full time employment or a part time addition of income, Family Dollar/Dollar Tree may be just the place for you. Large signs on the outside of the building advertises the willingness to hire local people.

About The Business

This is a new construction business. However, new to business it is not. This company has many locations, primarily in the East coast. One of their mission statements state that they are meeting the needs of the rural shoppers who often travel a distance to meet their shopping needs [1]. This store will host a variety of items to meet the needs of each family. It offers anything from pet supplies, to office supplies, to snacks, to seasonal items, and more.

When Will It Open?

The outer construction of the facility is completed. Indoors is being stocked are prepared for the grand opening. Be ready for the grand opening: to be announced!



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