Oscar Mayer Looking For Hotdoggers



Oscar Mayer is looking to hire people to travel the United States in its Weinermobiles. Specifically, they are looking for twelve graduating college seniors getting a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree who want to drive the well known Weinermobile across the U.S. One who navigates this Weinermobile is called a Hotdogger.

What Does Oscar Mayer Require?

Oscar Mayer is looking for graduating college seniors. Applicants need to submit an application and a resume by email or mail before January 31, 2020. Here is their site: www.oscarmayer.com/wienermobile. Applicants need a driver’s license and a commitment of one year. Degrees of journalism, communications, marketing, and public relations are preferred but not necessary. The management chooses only twelve individuals for this offer.

What Are The Benefits?

This opportunity is for someone wanting to try new things, possibly looking into travel. The winners receive condiment colored uniforms along with a multitude of hot dog puns. After a couple of weeks of the training session in June at Hot Dog High, these new hotdoggers start their journey. Last year Oscar Mayer received thousands of applications. This is a highly coveted position.

What Is A Weinermobile?

Oscar Mayer is known for hot dogs and its Weinermobile. The Weinermobile is a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels. Currently, there are six traveling across the U.S. at any given time.  One can follow them on Instagram, too. The first Weinermobile was created in 1936 and has since become an icon.

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