17-Year-Old Designs Beautiful Folklorico Prom Dress Made Of Duck Tape

Larissa Leon, 17-years-old, designed and made a beautiful folklorico prom dress made out of duck tape for the “Stuck At Prom” scholarship held by Duck Brand.

Curious In Design

Since Larissa Leon was five, she has been crafting, sketching, and designing all sorts of things. Then Duck Tape gained popularity and she started making purses, backpacks, and much more out of it. [1] When she found out about the “Stuck At Prom” scholarship, she wanted to do it.

Making The Dress

Leon decided to make a folklorico styled dress which are decorated with ribbon, flowers, and include a full flowy skirt. [2] She first started the dress by making a base sheet from black duck tape.

Hardest Part

One of the hardest parts was making sure it fit correctly since it isn’t normal fabric.

Representing Her Culture

Larissa Leon wanted the dress to show off the beauty of her culture,

I wanted to make something more meaningful than just a dress. I wanted the dress to represent a part of me. I wanted to showcase the beauty of my culture. [3]

You can look at Larissa Leon’s “Stuck At Prom” winning dress here.


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