5 Tips to Become More Creative (Even if You’re Not)

I am creative.

I am creative.

Creativity is good for your health, not only is it an easy way to increase your brain’s production of dopamine (think happiness) as you think creatively, it’s also a simple way to improve motor skills and mental health. Unfortunately for most people, when they hear the word “creative” they automatically tune everything out- they’re not creative, after all, they can’t even draw a simple circle or mix up a batch of cookies properly.

You might be in the same boat, thinking that you’re not a creative person and there’s nothing you can do to change that. The good news is that you’re wrong. Everyone is creative, whether or not you believe that you are is another story, but here are five ways to get creative, be creative, and stay creative.

Becoming Creative

You might’ve heard that if you use one side of your brain, you’re analytical, and if you use the other side of your brain, you’re more on the creative side. You might’ve been creative at one point in your life (looking at you second grade art), but now you can’t seem to come up with something new for the life of you, in fact, you can’t even seem to continue doing what you know (the same storyline/recipe/picture made on repeat).

Fortunately, creativity is more of a habit, a journey if you will, then something that you’re born with. Which means everyone can be creative with a little determination.

So how do you start? First of all, don’t confine creativity to a certain dominion. Paint isn’t the only medium when it comes to creativity. Creativity can be how you dress, how you organize a room, how you wash a car, how you draw the sunset. Pick up a guitar or a pen or a camera or a jar of clay and get started using these five tips.

1) Do it now, not Later

I know it’s tempting to think that you’ll begin tomorrow or on Monday or make this your New Years resolution. Don’t do that, do it now; schedule it in. Get the equipment. Just start today.

2) Train for It

Just like you can’t train for a marathon for a day, you can’t play like Mozart in a day either. Be consistent, set aside some time, it doesn’t have to be hours, each day, and get to work. For 5-10 minutes a day, you can work on your chosen creative skill, and as time passes, you’ll start to build muscle memory and be able to feel the creative juices.

3) Find Some Influence

There is nothing new under the sun, find inspiration, even it’s from friends, colleagues, teachers, or communities. Find things that you admire, read books, cook food, trim your lawn in a certain way, learn from others.

4) Your art is Ugly

Stay honest with yourself, if you can’t play that song- it’s okay! You can’t play it. Admit that. That doesn’t mean you have to quit, though. Try to do something, and if you fail, it’s not the end of the world. You might’ve made something ugly, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to grow and improve.

5) Show the World

Share your work; this might be the hardest thing for many to do because you don’t know how people will react and maybe you just think it’s good because you made it, but your friend will hate it or whatever the case may be. I get that. But sharing is keeping yourself accountable, especially if you’re just starting out. Send pictures of what you made to your mom or share food with your friends, find someone to encourage you and share with them.

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