Community-Wide Thanksgiving Dinner Provided By Ministerial Alliance

A golden brown roasted turkey.

A golden brown roasted turkey.

The Alton Ministerial Alliance is working to help the community. Churches in the Alton, Missouri, community are putting aside their differences to provide a Thanksgiving dinner to those in need, those who want to spend the holiday with friends, or those who want to share this special time with many others in the area.

What Is Happening?

The ministerial alliance is hosting a free Thanksgiving dinner. It begins at 5:00 and is followed by bluegrass music.


This Thanksgiving meal will be Sunday evening, November 19, 2023. The meal begins at 5:00 p.m.

Where Is This?

The meal and music take place at the Alton Multi-purpose building on the school property.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone can attend. This is a free event provided by the ministerial alliance. There is no cost as the churches in the local area are paying for this. This is a family-friendly event.

The Ministerial Alliance?

The Alton Ministerial Alliance is made of churches in the community who put aside their differences to come together for a common purpose: to help those in need. Thanksgiving is a major holiday of which no one should go without. Years ago, this meal started small. Over the years, it has expanded, so now they hold it in the multi-purpose building to accommodate all of those who come.

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